ADQ Training
SOLITEC staff has a long history when it comes to developing and facilitating standard and customised trainings in the field of aeronautical data management. This includes subjects such as AIXM, ADQ, ARINC 424, Metadata, Terminal procedure coding, etc.
For particular subjects SOLITEC has standard training modules (e.g. AIXM). In addition we also develop customised training courses that perfectly fits the specific needs of our customers.
SOLITEC provides traditional instructor–led trainings (ILTs) but also produces web based trainings (WBTs). For the development of our course material we utilise of state of the art technologies including tool such as Adobe Captivate, Screenflow, Audacity and Adobe Illustrator.
In the following you will find some of our references of training courses develop and/or facilitate by SOLITEC:


European AIS Database (EAD) – Static Data Operations (SDO)

The training business started in the year 2001 when SOLITEC did win the contract for developing and maintaining the first training courses in the scope of the European AIS Database (EAD) programme for the Static Data Operations (SDO) system. The course material to be developed included trainings plans, curriculums, training material such as slide decks, handbooks and exercise books.

From November 2003 until June 2008 SOLITEC staff conducted all SDO trainings (SDO Data Provider, SDO Data User and SDO for EAD Staff) held at the GroupEAD Training Centre in Frankfurt or directly on EAD client’s side. In this period more than 150 ANSP personnel from all over the ECAC area have been trained.

End of 2008 SOLITEC trained GroupEAD staff (train the trainer) so that GroupEAD was able to take over the SDO trainings within the EAD programme.


Nav Canada – Aeronautical Data Management System (AMDS)

Form September 2004 on until July 200, also Nav Canada requested staff training for their Aeronautical Data Management System which was provided by SOLITEC for all SDO application (Data Provider and Data User part). The trainings took mainly place at the Nav Canada Conference and Training Institute (NCTI) in Cornwall, Ontario but also at the Nav Canada Headquarter in Ottawa. Until now, in the scope of eight training courses, about 80 people from Nav Canada and the CAA (Transport Canada) have accomplished the SDO courses.


Airways New Zealand (EAD)

In June 2007 Airways New Zealand, as new EAD client outside the ECAC area requested staff training for the SDO part of the EAD. Additionally, for the Initial Data Load dedicated migration support was requested. In August 2008 SOLITEC performed the staff training and migration support in Wellington.


SDO Exchange System (SDO XS)

The SDO Exchange System (SDO XS) as part of a smartAIM system is used for the automatic exchange and synchronisation of SDO data between a master system (e.g. EAD) and an external system (i.e. client smartAIM system). For the SDO Exchange System (SDO-XS) SOLITEC developed for Frequentis the user manual and also training material consisting of a training handbook, an exercise book and a corresponding slide deck


Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM)

SOLITEC provides a full range of AIXM trainings from trainings for executives up to specialised expert training for software developers for all kinds of AIXM versions up to AIXM 5.1.1.

In the scope of a contract with AVITECH AG SOLITEC developed two AIXM 5 trainings; a 1 day course for executives and another 2 days course for software developers. The trainings contain several modules including AIXM UML Model, AIXM schemas, GML, metadata, temporality concept, etc. The trainings were facilitated at AVITECH s.r.o. head office in Bratislava.


Implementing Aeronautical Data Quality (IM-ADQ)


IANS training in Luxembourg

IANS training in Luxembourg

After being selected by IANS/Eurocontrol, SOLITEC developed the trainings material for modules 4, 5 and 6 (Data Set, Data Exchange Format and Metadata) of the IM-ADQ training course. The training material consists of corresponding slide decks, animated training videos and handouts for practical exercises. SOLITEC Staff are also facilitating these training modules in the scope of the IM-ADQ training course. This training course started in October 2014 and is still ongoing. The trainings are conducted at the IANS training centre in Luxembourg and also at the premises of ANSPs requesting the training on site. You can find the IM-ADQ training course on the IANS website.


ADQSuite – Geodetic Calculation Service

For the Geodetic Calculation Service tool part of SOLITEC’s Product and Service portfolio named “ADQSuite” we developed a bunch of training videos, for beginners and advanced users of the tool. Check them out on SOLITEC’s YouTube channel.