Joint ITV & SOLITEC booth

In the context of System Wide Information Management (SWIM), ITV Consult and SOLITEC Software Solutions agreed to team up for a joint booth at the ICAO Workshop “Service improvement through integration of aeronautical information management (AIM), aviation meteorology (MET) and air traffic management (ATM) information services” and for the 2017 Air Transportation Information Exchange Conference (ATIEC 2017). Both events were held from 2nd to 6th October 2017 at EUROCONTROL Headquarters in Brussels.

The focus topic of the joint ITV & SOLITEC booth was based on live demonstration how customers can prepare, register and publish their aeronautical data in a SWIM enabled environment. This was demonstrated with various example data sets from different sources by registration and publication of unique identifiers for aeronautical features. If you missed the showcase at the exhibition, you can experience the demos online on the website

Both companies deal with the integration of data into the SWIM enabled environment, now strengthening their competencies through cooperation on that subject. ITV is covering the business process related aspects and SOLITEC is focusing on a system vendor independent technical approach. Based on their independence, both companies can support customers by making their data fit for integration and by overcoming data exchange issues considered difficult or impossible to resolve due to vendor related issues.

ITV and SOLITEC are interested in supporting customers transitioning towards a SWIM enabled environment, while at the same time protecting their investments made into current aeronautical information management systems.

For further information feel free to either contact ITV Consult or SOLITEC:

ITV Consult ( Rudolf Schneeberger, tel +41 (44) 871 21 91, e-mail

SOLITEC Software Solutions ( Wolfgang Scheucher, tel +43 664 88296866, e-mail