New Release of Geodetic Calculation Service (GCS)

gcsSOLITEC is pleased to announce the release of the new GCS version 1.3, which is part of the ADQsuite tool set. GCS 1.3 is publicly available and free to use after your registration at


This version of GCS offers inter alia:

  • Geodetic calculation routines based on WGS84 and Great Circle(!)
    • Direct
    • Inverse
    • Intersections(!)
    • Abeamfix
    • Point on segment(!)
    • Arc Length
    • Fixed Radius Arc Tangents
    • Point to Arc Tangents(!)
  • AIXM 5.1 Data Validation
    • Route Segments(!)
  • Magnetic variation support based on World Magnetic Model (WMM)(!)
    • Automatic calculation
    • Manual entry
  • Data Lookup and Save functionalities
  • CSV Data Import(!)
  • PDF Reporting Functionality(!)
  • Map Visualization(!)

(!) new/enhanced with this release


You get access to GCS by navigating to our ADQsuite website and register.


Feedback and comments for improvements are highly appreciated and can be submitted through the application itself or via our dedicated GCS Service Desk.


GCS will constantly be updated with more features and additional calculations. To stay tuned please visit